There are literally tens of thousands of supplements out there.

It is difficult to know which ones to try and it can be very overwhelming. There are so many variables to consider.

  • Where do the ingredients come from?
  • Do they use excipients or fillers?
  • Is this formulation bio-available or will I just have really expensive urine?
  • Do they use a certified lab?
  • Do they use Good Manufacturing Practices?
  • Are there clinical or empirical studies to back up results?

Vitamin Group was formed as a Specialty Supplement Retailer meaning we have done the legwork for you!  We have searched for the best that the supplement market has to offer and created sort of a “Greatest Hits” of supplements and personal care products.

Our journey to offer only Mother Nature’s answer for wellness actually began over 30 years ago.   Our staff and partners have both personally and professionally utilized holistic strategies for years.  Therefore, the products we provide are tried and true.  We have field-tested them among ourselves, our partners and our retail customers for years.

The mission of Vitamin Group is to provide people with high quality supplements, whole food and personal care products that will improve their health and wellness.  We focus on products with all natural, whole food ingredients that are a step above the rest and contain nothing artificial or synthetic.  We invite you to make Vitamin Group a part of your family’s health and wellness!